Oregonians have embraced San Juan Seltzer in the booming spiked seltzer category SEATTLE, WA – (December 18th, 2020) – The Pacific Northwest’s San Juan Seltzer has been quietly helping fuel the Oregon craft beverage market as one of the few alcohol brands north of the Columbia River to find success. One San Juan Seltzer distributor principal suggested that San Juan Seltzer might be on its way to becoming the single most successful Washington-based craft beverage brand doing business in Oregon. Since launching into Oregon in late 2018, San Juan Seltzer has sold well over a half million cans of its Pacific Northwest seltzer, establishing the brand not only as the first PNW-based craft spiked seltzer in Oregon but also as one of its most successful. Currently, San Juan Seltzer can be found in over 500 retail stores, bars and restaurants locations, such as Fred Meyer, Albertsons-Safeway, Whole Foods Markets, New Seasons, Plaid Pantry, Winco, Bi-Mart, Oregon Zoo, Timberline Lodge, etc. San Juan Seltzer has partnered with established Oregon-based distributors Maletis Beverage in Portland, Bigfoot Beverages in Eugene, Clatsop Distributing in Astoria and Summit Beverages in Medford to successfully expand throughout the state.

San Juan Seltzer is achieving its success by investing heavily and taking an active role in the local community, taking part in high profile consumer events such as the Portland Brew Zoolights and the Portland Bridal and Wedding Expo. Upcoming events include First Taste Oregon, Portland Seafood and Wine festival, and Portland Women’s Expo, the largest women’s consumer show in the Pacific Northwest at the Oregon Convention Center. San Juan Seltzer will also be the official hard seltzer for the 2020 Rose Festival.

“We know it is rare that a Washington-based craft brand succeeds in Oregon. Fortunately for us, our Oregon based customers and consumers seem to appreciate our unique Seltzery story, clean taste, our commitment to PNW flavors and the fact that we are the only zero sugar/zero carb option on the market,” says San Juan Seltzer CEO Ron Lloyd.

With seltzer as their only focus, San Juan Seltzer developed a proprietary 6-step filtration process which still today is only known to a select few employees. This “secret” process, along with small batches and slower/longer fermentation times have been key components to their success.

San Juan Seltzer focuses on spiked seltzer flavors that are inspired exclusively by PNW fruit including a top selling “seltzery only” Oregon Pear flavor. Inspired by Oregon’s state fruit, and their continued dedication to Pacific Northwest Flavors, the Oregon Pear inspired flavor may potentially be introduced outside the seltzery at Oregon’s Rose Festival, along with their new Peach Rosé and Dry Rosé flavors that they are unveiling soon. Previously “seltzery only” flavors, the Peach Rosé and Dry Rosé will be available to purchase in variety 12 pack or just the Peach Rosé in a 6 pack.

San Juan Seltzer converted the second oldest brewery (previously known as Schooner Exact Brewery) in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle to create the San Juan Seltzery and plant its flag in the region. The seltzery has a 20-barrel brewhouse, a filling line that can produce about 40,000 barrels of spiked seltzer, and a packaging line that can handle 80,000 barrels. As of August 2019, San Juan Seltzer was already using nearly 100% of the fermentation capacity of the new Seltzery, with plans in place to quadruple its fermentation capacity this winter to meet the Oregonian seltzer drinker needs as they expect to triple their business in Oregon during 2020.

San Juan Seltzer, Inc. recently unveiled their San Juan SeltzeryTM to the public whereby consumers can purchase unique Seltzery-only flavors such as Oregon Pear, Cucumber Mint, Strawberry, Watermelon, Dry Rosé and Peach Rosé. The San Juan Seltzery Taproom, Kitchen & Bar was opened in partnership with Ethan Stowell Restaurants, with a Pacific Northwest inspired menu curated to pair with San Juan Seltzer. Located in the heart of Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood and opened in 2018, SeltzeryTM is the first and only branded SeltzeryTM production facility in the nation.

About San Juan Seltzer
Founded by Katy Enger in 2017, San Juan Seltzer was the first spiked seltzer brand launched in the Pacific Northwest in 2018 and has the nation’s only production SeltzeryTM. The #1 PNW-based selling craft brand in the Pacific Northwest, the seltzer has the lowest calories of any hard or spiked seltzer on the market at 85 calories, zero sugar and zero carbs per 12-ounce serving. Flavors are inspired by the fruits grown in the Pacific Northwest, such as Rainier Cherry, Huckleberry, Fuji Apple, Oregon Pear, etc. and are Gluten Free and KETO friendly. Each can is all-natural with 4.2 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). All flavors are available on tap at San Juan Seltzery Taproom, Kitchen & Bar in SoDo (currently closed) and in cans and on draft at nearly 3,000 PNW locations. Enjoy the San Juan Island lifestyle wherever you go!