The Pacific Northwest’s San Juan Seltzer sets the bar for best-in-class spiked seltzer production and taproom experience, inviting guests to “find your island side” SEATTLE – (2019) – San Juan Seltzer, Inc. is proud to unveil San Juan Seltzery™ to the public. Located in the heart of Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood and opened in 2018, Seltzery™ is the first and only branded Seltzery™ production facility in the nation.

Making best in class spiked seltzers, the company went to great lengths to develop their own seltzer process, producing the cleanest tasting product on the market. Other hard and spiked seltzers often leave a medicinal aftertaste, but San Juan Seltzer has solved this challenge pervading the industry since its boom began in 2014 with their carefully crafted spiked sparkling water that is both crisp and clean.

“San Juan Seltzer utilizes a unique technology, proprietary process and state-of-the-art facility which together is a game changer in the hard and spiked seltzer category. There is no other production facility like the Seltzery™ and there is nothing else on the market as crisp, clean and refreshing as this,” says Ron Lloyd, CEO of San Juan Seltzer. “Through our research & development efforts and the leveraging of technology, we converted an existing brewery into the only branded Seltzery so that we can produce the cleanest tasting spiked sparkling water product on the market.”

The only PNW spiked seltzer to start as a spiked seltzer company, San Juan Seltzer™ spent nearly a year developing their signature clean taste before releasing its spiked seltzer to market. Other companies producing spiked seltzer started off making beer, cider, hard lemonade and/or distilled spirits. With seltzer as their only focus, San Juan Seltzer™ knew they had to get it right. Investing in equipment and a process not generally used in brewing beer or distilling spirits, San Juan Seltzer developed a proprietary 6-step filtration process which still today is only known to a select few employees. This “secret” process, along with small batches and slower/longer fermentation times have been key components to their success. The seltzery has a 20-barrel brewhouse, a filling line that can produce about 40,000 barrels of spiked seltzer, and a packaging line that can handle 80,000 barrels. As of August 2019, San Juan Seltzer is already using nearly 100% of the fermentation capacity of the new Seltzery, with plans in place to quadruple its fermentation capacity.

“I couldn’t be more excited to share everything our Seltzery has to offer our customers,” says Katy Enger, San Juan Seltzer’s founder. “The taproom, kitchen and bar are going to be fun additions to our Seltzery™ production facility experience. It will be a great place and atmosphere for locals and visitors alike to gather and enjoy spiked seltzer and San Juan Seltzer infused cocktails, and to get a great meal which represents the Pacific Northwest lifestyle year-round.”

San Juan Seltzer flavors are inspired exclusively by the fruits grown in the Pacific Northwest’s backyard, such as Rainier Cherry, Huckleberry, Fuji Apple, etc. and are Gluten and Sulfites Free and KETO friendly. This loyalty and dedication to the Pacific Northwest make them truly unique to hard and spiked seltzers and has propelled them to become the #1 craft-style brand produced in the Pacific Northwest. San Juan Seltzer™ debuted as the lowest calories of any hard or spiked seltzer at 85 calories and were the first to offer zero sugar and zero carbs.

The San Juan Seltzery Taproom, Kitchen & Bar, which is scheduled to open at the Seltzery™ late-September, will feature a warm San Juan Island feeling environment with weathered wood, a full service bar that will offer non-alcoholic seltzers, alcoholic San Juan Seltzer flavors and infused cocktails, and local craft beers. Additionally, there will be an updated outdoor patio revamped with heaters and a fire pit, and a large children’s indoor play area. Ethan Stowell Restaurants has crafted a bold and vibrant food menu too, boasting seafood and shellfish that’s equally dedicated to the Pacific Northwest. Located in the former Schooner Brewing Hall and Brewery, the San Juan Seltzery™ is bringing a refreshed San Juan Island vibe to the SoDo neighborhood.

About San Juan Seltzer
Founded by Katy Enger in 2017, San Juan Seltzer was the first spiked seltzer brand launched in the Pacific Northwest in 2018 and has the nation’s only production SeltzeryTM. The #1 PNW-based selling craft brand in the Pacific Northwest, the seltzer has the lowest calories of any hard or spiked seltzer on the market at 85 calories, zero sugar and zero carbs per 12-ounce serving. Flavors are inspired by the fruits grown in the Pacific Northwest, such as Rainier Cherry, Huckleberry, Fuji Apple, Oregon Pear, etc. and are Gluten Free and KETO friendly. Each can is all-natural with 4.2 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). All flavors are available on tap at San Juan Seltzery Taproom, Kitchen & Bar in SoDo (currently closed) and in cans and on draft at nearly 3,000 PNW locations. Enjoy the San Juan Island lifestyle wherever you go!