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San Juan Seltzer transforms everyday occasions into spirited ones. We provide the cleanest tasting, alcoholic sparkling waters that are refreshing delicious and the lowest calories on the market. Each gluten-free flavor contains zero sugar, zero carbs and is inspired exclusively by Pacific Northwest fruit flavors that are blessed by our Founder Katy Enger, CEO Ron Lloyd and President Kyle Enger.
the San Juan Seltzer difference
crafting mouthwatering Pacific Northwest inspired flavors is all we do
Produced at the nation's only Seltzery and dedicated facility located in the heart of Seattle. We use the finest ingredients to create the finest Seltzer. Each batch is craft made with the highest quality and care from the San Juan Seltzer family.
Featuring unique delicious Pacific Northwest inspired fruit flavors that closely tie to our local roots. If it doesn't grow local then it won't end up in San Juan Seltzer line up. We are committed to creating the best flavor for our customers that is clean and crisp. San Juan is truly the best tasting seltzer in the world.
San Juan Seltzer is made in small batches ensuring that each flavor is crisp and fresh. We've diligently worked on perfecting our craft to ensure that each batch is the best possible flavor that is crisp and fresh. We have left no detail overlooked.
With 0 sugar and carbs, only 85 calories and 4.2% ABV, San Juan Seltzer is the only Seltzer on the market that explodes with fresh fruit flavor that is clean. Our seltzer is crisp and fresh without an aftertaste or taste of syrupy sweetener.
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