85 Calories
4.2% ABV
The San Juan Seltzer Story
San Juan Seltzer transforms everyday occasions into spirited ones. We provide the cleanest tasting, all-natural, alcoholic sparkling waters that are refreshing delicious and the lowest calories on the market. Each gluten-free flavor contains zero sugar, zero carbs and is inspired exclusively by Pacific Northwest fruit flavors that are blessed by our founder, Katy Enger, and CEO Ron Lloyd.
The San Juan Seltzer Difference
All of our flavors are inspired by our home and a healthy lifestyle.
All of our flavors have the lowest alcohol percentage – just 4.2% ABV – delivering the lightest and most refreshing taste!
Every San Juan Seltzer is sparkling with Pacific Northwest flavors and closely tied to our local roots.
All of our flavors are formulated by our founder, Katy Enger. She makes sure there’s a bit of San Juan in every drop!
San Juan Seltzer has the lowest calorie of any alcoholic sparkling water available with only 85 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugar!