Co-Packing Services

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Ron Lloyd
Contract Beverage Filling and packaging services
to help grow your brands
We are a Pacific Northwest-based beverage production facility. Founded originally in 2007, Schooner Exact Brewing Company began as a successful craft brewery. In 2018, we began co-packing all San Juan Seltzer products, ultimately becoming a pioneer and leader in the craft spiked seltzer scene. Over the years, both our beer and our hard seltzers have earned many awards and accolades, with everything being made onsite at what is now called, San Juan Seltzery®. In our production facility, we have the ability to blend, fill and package a wide array of can packages, variety packs, and kegs.  
Our commitment to quality and innovation has enabled us to remain competitive in the ever-evolving beverage industry.
As an independent craft beverage manufacturer, specializing in small, medium and large size production and packaging runs, we are proud of our rich history of in-market success of supporting our customers and our consumers.
Available Services
  • Fermentation
  • Batching & Blending
  • Filling
    (cans compatible with 202 ends)
  • Carton Packaging
  • Case Pack Finishing
  • Kegging
  • Standard Onsite QC Testing
  • Warehousing & Transportation
  • Beer/Hard Seltzer Alcohol Licensing/Permitting
    (Wine & Spirits Coming Soon)
Counterpressure (carbonated) Filling & Packaging:*
  • Filling (Aluminum Cans)
    • 12oz Sleek/Slim Cans
    • 12oz (211) Standard Can
    • 16oz Cans
    • 19.2oz Cans
  • Filling/Cartoning:
    • 24ct loose in trays
      (12oz Sleek/Slim; 12oz (211) Standard Can; and 16oz Can)
    • 6pk Cartons
      (12oz Sleek/Slim; and 12oz (211) Standard Can)
    • 12pk Cartons
      (single flavor or 2 & 4 flavor variety Packs)
    • 24pk Cartons
      (single flavor and 2, 4 or 6 flavor variety Packs)
*Filling and packaging of non-carb beverages can be arranged.