PNW Clean Fund

San Juan Seltzer
Committed to Clean
Clean taste. Clean ingredients. Clean living. Clean place.
San Juan Seltzer was crafted to provide consumers with the cleanest Pacific Northwest-inspired spiked sparkling waters on the market. The PNW Clean Fund was created to support initiatives that help keep our mountains, waters, and marine life in the PNW clean and help support a healthy PNW lifestyle. We believe the PNW has the most clean and pristine environment in the world. This fund is committed to supporting activities that help keep it that way.
Clean Taste
San Juan Seltzer drinkers enjoy unique all natural flavors native to our Pacific Northwest region and pleasing to the palate, such as Huckleberry, Rainier Cherry, Fuji Apple and Peach Rosé. Each batch is crafted exclusively at our Seltzery™ using state-of-the-art techniques. All of our flavors have a lower alcohol level –4.2% ABV – helping deliver the most refreshing taste possible.
Clean Living
We craft San Juan Seltzer to pair with life’s most enjoyable moments. Sometimes, that finds our customers catching a sunset over the water or from a trail in the mountains. And sometimes, the best adventure is a night being with friends. Whatever the day’s adventure, San Juan Seltzer will pair it with the perfect flavor.
Clean Ingredients
For all the fizzy flavor and tireless care packed into each can of San Juan Seltzer, most notable is what is not inside. Every refreshing sip is free from sugar, carbs and gluten, making it the ideal KETO-friendly drink. Our all natural products are crafted with the highest quality in mind, leaving you to enjoy each sip guilt-free.
Clean Place
There is nothing quite like the clean crisp air and waters of the San Juan Islands. We’re committed to doing our part by making Earth-conscious decisions at every turn. The aluminum industry recycles nearly 2 of every 3 cans shipped in the U.S...with 92% energy savings by recycling a can. It’s our way of caring for the majestic shorelines, rivers, lakes, mountains and stunning views of our region.
Sip and Support
Helping displaced Restaurant Workers in PNW. Oregon, Washington, Idaho. And Texas.

In light of the current environment created by the Coronavirus pandemic, we are temporarily pivoting from the PNW Clean Fund’s original mission so that we can help another vitally important resource…foodservice workers impacted by this outbreak.

If not for the support of our local food service workers, neither the San Juan Seltzer brand nor the PNW Clean Fund would be around today. Therefore, until further notice, working with our distributors and retailers, the San Juan Seltzer team and the PNW Clean Fund will focus on supporting restaurant workers via the Sip and Support program.

This Sip and Support program is designed to support the people working in foodservices who have been displaced by COVID-19. Though we are a small local PNW company, with even smaller pockets right now, our goal is to raise and deploy $15,000. Proceeds will come from the sale of San Juan Seltzer’s participating products. Each week, funds will be deployed from the PNW Clean Fund into the CORE Grants Fund.

The Sip and Support program, via the PNW CLEAN FUND, will donate 100% of funds raised directly to the (CORE grant fund). The fund provides direct relief to individual restaurant workers and their families, a non-profit organization serving restaurant workers. restaurant workers. If a family qualifies for CORE support, they receive a grant to cover medical bills for children, gas cards, groceries, clothing, medical supplies and therapies, utilities, rent and mortgage, and other essential needs a family might need to navigate their specific circumstance. restaurant workers.